History IOB


Ilario Ormezzano was born in 1887, first as a pharmacy in Vallemosso, founded by Cav. Ilario Ormezzano, and then transformed into a company thanks to the view of its founder who, looking for the expanding textile market, expanded the range of its initial products.
In the following years, the headquarter has been moved to Biella, a strategic place for the textile industry, giving rise to the IOB (Ilario Ormezzano Biella), where thanks to the contribution of Dr. Franco Ormezzano, successor to Cav. Ilario, continued growth and expansion.
In 1980, generation after generations, Dr. Giancarlo Ormezzano took the leadership of the Company and built in Gaglianico a new plant able to replace the historical one in Biella, in order to remain in line with the high standards of safety, quality and respect for the environment.