History Agechim


AgechimS.r.l. was founded in April 1974 by GianPiero Rimoldi who, after years of Experience as manager at Montedison and Sprea, decides to create its company for marketing Chemicals products.
Thanks to the capabilities of the founder and a mandate of representation provided by one of the most important producers of Phenol and Acetone, Agechim, small family business, gained position on the national market by managing significant quantities of Phenol, Acetophenone, Alfamethyllerene and Acetone.
In the early 80s, his son Stefano entered the company with enthusiasm and started the expansion of the marketed products, in particular,monomers, acrylates, methacrylates and other specialties such as Bisphenol, PTBF and Organic Peroxides.
At the same time, the increase in relationships with the most important National and international producers, allowed Agechimto offer their customers not only high quality, up to date and comply with lawsproducts, but  also to ensure regular supplies and technical support.
                                                           Now Agechim is proudly part of Ilario Ormezzano - Sai, continuing the adventure with 
                                                           the same principles, with the same goals and with the same enthusiasm.