History Siochem


S.E.P.I.C. by Gianni Donati, then SEPIC srl
1956 - Begins the business in Varese, in a former Shell store
1958 - Bought the area in Bollate, begins the construction of the deposit, which proceeds in stagesup to the maximum expansion of 1985
1991 - Acquires from Baldini the Crema store, the former Bensol refinery
1993 –SepicSrl, excluding the Bollate deposit (surrendered to SIO - Soc. Intermediate Owned by the Donati family) was purchased by Brenntag Italy
1994 - 2003 Andrea Donati holds the position of Managing Director of Brenntag Spa
2004 - The company was disassembled by the Brenntag Group and assumes the new name ofSiochem Srl (SocietàIntermediOspiate Chemical) and modifies the social object from a real estate to a commercial and services chemical company.
In 2016, after many years of collaboration with Ilario Ormezzano SAI, Siochem Srl, is acquired and merged into the group.