History Ratti


Distributing company of basic chemical products since 1927.
The company was founded by the RATTI and MARCHESI families in Milan.
Over the years, Ratti managed to establish important agencies; to remember was the representation of the Prague Chemapol for many products: from Sodium Idrosulfite to Acetic Acid. This representation allowed the company to establish an important presence in the Milan textile market.
The company grew up to 15 employees, acquiring also shares in a company, Chimimec (a company representing a German manufacturer for acetic acid and Kali und Salz for magnesium sulphate).
With the closing of Chimimec, Dr. Giorgio Marchesi, in 2003, decided to sell the business to Ilario Ormezzano Sai S.p.a., entering the Group.
In 2010, the company moved along with SAI division, at Via Ripamonti 44.