Ilario Ormezzano was born in 1897 as chemist's in Vallemosso, founded by Cav. Ilario Ormezzano. Later on it had turned into a company thanks to the toresight of its founder who expanded the range of initial products to tol/ow the needs of the blooming textile market. In subsequent years, the headquarters moved in Biella being a strategie piace far the textile industry and Ilario Ormezzano became 108 (Ilario Ormezzano Biella). Then, thanks to the contribution of Mr. Franco Ormezzano, successor of the Cav. Ilario, it had continued to grow and expand. In 1980 Mr. Giancarlo Ormezzano, Franco's first­born, assumed the leadership of the company, keeping alive the tradition. He built a new plant in Gaglianico to rep/ace the previous one in Biella, in arder to comply with the high standards of safety, quality and eco sustainability.
In 1988, 108 acquired SAI (Industriai Supplying Company founded in 1876) a branch of Montedison, the most important ltalian chemical company of that time, in 2000 the two companies merged, creating the Ilario Ormezzano-SAI.
In 2003 the Company acquired RATTI, a chemical distribution company founded in 1927 and based in Milan.
In 2011, another valuable piece in the evolution of the Company is the acquisition of Pharmaline, a company focused in trading pharmaceutical intermediates and API (Active Pharmaceutica/s lngredients).
In the last months of 2013 was added the fast petal to the tour a/ready existing, with the acquisition of Agechim, 40 years of market history of chemistry. Founded in Aprii 1974, which enables the group to go to cover other sectors synergistic to its core business in the areas of Galvanic, Resins, Paints and Adhesives.
With thisfurtherstep torward, the Companyllario Ormezzano-SA/ SpA can satisfy a wider share of the ltalian market, particularly oriented towards the pharmaceutical industry and in generai towards the distribution of basic chemicals and solvents. 
At the beginning of 2016, IOB-Sai continues its acquisition policy, incorporating Siochem Srl.
Deposit initially used for rent, at the end of 2016, has been officially incorporated inside the Group, allowing the Company to strengthen the storage capacity, facilitate logistics management, strengthen the productive part of powder and liquid mixing and, above all, implement the range of processed products.